Private detectives to spy on New Year party revellers in Goa

Concerned parents and spouses have hired private investigators to snoop on the activities of their kith and kin in the party capital of the nation

With Goa taking the honours of being the hedonistic capital of the country during the year-end festivities, it will also this year have the unique distinction of having 100-odd private detectives snooping on pleasure seekers.

Many worried parents and spouses from Mumbai have hired the services of private detective agencies to keep a bird's eye view on their children and partners' indulgences during New Year celebrations.

Detectives will also act as protectors and bail out their client's kids if they happen to mess up or fall in bad company while partying in Goa

Naman Jain, owner of an Andheri-based detective agency who has dispatched 25 detectives to Goa, said, "Worried parents have approached us to keep an eye on the revelries drinking, doping and friends circle of their kin partying in Goa.
Likewise, worried spouses and partners have asked us to keep a check on their better half's acquaintances in Goa this New Year's Eve."

Samil Tiwari, owner of a Bandra-based detective agency, who has despatched 20 detectives to Goa, said, "A few teams of detectives have already been dispatched prior to New Year's eve to do the groundwork, rest of the teams will reach Goa on 31st."

Following the huge demand for the festive season, detective agencies have also hiked their charges. The rates start from Rs 20,000 per day that do not include travel fare to Goa and entrance to the venue of the party place.

"I have hired a detective agency to confirm that my girl is not partying with the wrong kind of people and inviting trouble for herself.

Since, I won't be physically present there, hiring a detective gives me an assurance that if my girl faces a difficult situation, she will be taken care of," said Prashant Surve (name changed on request), a parent.

"Besides, reporting to parents about the whereabouts of their kids on 31st night, we will also act as protectors and bail out our client's kids if they happen to mess up or fall in bad company while partying," said Kirtesh Kavi, owner of a Goregaon-based detective agency who is servicing 14 clients this year.

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