Pro-Russia activists storm Ukrainian official buildings

Kiev: Pro-Russia activists stormed several official buildings in the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk on Tuesday, seizing the regional government's headquarters and prosecutor's office before opening fire at the main police station, BBC reported.

Pro-Russian protestors
A pro-Russian activist looks out from a window after he and others broke into the regional administration building in the eastern Ukraine city of Luhansk, on April 29, 2014. PiC: AFP

Ukraine's Interim President Olexander Turchynov criticised local police for their "inaction" and "criminal treachery".

The US accused Russia of seeking to "change the security landscape" of Eastern and Central Europe.

US Secretary of State John Kerry , in a speech at the Atlantic Council in Washington, told Kremlin to "leave Ukraine in peace" and warned: "Nato territory is inviolable we will defend every single inch of it."

Meanwhile, Moscow has said it has no intention of invading eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russia activists have seized government buildings in over a dozen towns and cities.

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