Probe into 1970s doping report

“We have set up an independent commission and appointed the president who is a former judge of the federal constitutional court, Udo Steiner,” said Bach.

“We want clarity and openness. And now we can deal with the utmost transparency with these results,” said Bach, who is a candidate to succeed Jacques Rogge at the head of IOC.

Germany’s interior ministry had on Monday published a report which describes a broad government-backed doping programme by West Germany in the 1970s and has prompted calls for an investigation.

The contents of the report had earlier been leaked by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The report said doping became systemic after the establishment in October 1970 of the Institute for Sport Science, which fell under the interior ministry.

The institute gathered the elite from sports science and sporting federations and for decades coordinated tests with performance-enhancing substances such as anabolic steroids and the blood booster erythropoetin (EPO), according to the report which also touches on suspicions relating to football from before the 1970s. 

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