Probe Osho Ashram management, demands petition

The online petition demanding CBI enquiry into alleged mismanagement at Osho Ashram is going viral, with 2,269 Osho disciples from 80 different countries, including India, Germany, Russia, Tunisia, and South Korea, having signed it already. The petition has been uploaded at the online platform for community petitions named

The petitioners, Osho Tapoban International Corporation, have demanded action and probe on several aspects related to Osho and the running of his ashram in Pune.

Swami Anand Arun

Swami Anand Arun, coordinator of Osho Tapoban International Corporation, spoke to MiD DAY from Kathmandu, Nepal and demanded that the Government of India initiate CBI or judicial enquiry into the points mentioned in the petition. The petition demands prompt action by competent law enforcement authorities against six administrators of Osho International Foundation (OIF), named in an FIR for allegedly forging signature of spiritual guru Osho and for creating his fake will.

Reacting to the petition, Swami Anand Arun who was closely associated with Osho for 40 years before his death, said, “These people, interested only in money, are racing to minimise the master’s existence. Osho always said that his preaching, the way of meditation should not be trademarked or copyrighted. As all enlightened masters, he said he had rediscovered them and never claimed its ownership. He was also against naming a successor.”

He said that those doing it are doing it to reduce Osho’s popularity so that they can sell his property. When MiD DAY contacted Swami Mukesh Sarda to know the take of the Osho International Foundation (OIF) in Zurich, he refused to comment stating that the matter was sub-judice.

Plea demands

. An FIR was registered against six persons for faking Osho’s will. The petition demands that the authorities bring the accused to justice

. Reinstate Osho’s samadhi with his pictures in original. Petitioners believe that OIF is denying existence of the samadhi, fearing that admittance would compel them to throw it open to the public

. Stop prohibition of Osho followers from using his pictures on social networking sites; Osho cannot be made into a private trademark or a copyright

. Don’t stop followers from celebrating Osho’s birthday, ‘Enlightenment Day’

. Claiming that thousands of Osho disciples are banned from entering Ashram, it demands that they be allowed in

. The petition demands that those willing to be initiated into Osho’s neo-sannyas should be allowed to take sannyas

. The sanctity of the Buddha Hall, Osho's podium and his bedroom be reinstated; activities such as liquor and dance parties, and walking with shoes here be stopped

. A huge income and royalty is earned by Osho’s best-selling books, audios and videos, as well as from the Ashram’s costly entrance fees, therapies and donations. The authorities should probe siphoning of funds

. Questioning the cause of Osho’s death and the decision to cremate his body without autopsy, the petition demands all these questions be probed

  • Korgaon Park Resident20-Jan-2014

    The management at the ashram has committed many crimes and many mistakes, everybody in Koregaon Park, everybody living inside the ashram, everybody in Pune City know it, but its all hushed up and all the authorities are bribed from the ministry to the police station, so nothing is happening.

  • Pradeepa20-Jan-2014


  • rajani 24-Jan-2014

    i love ooosho

  • Swami Dhyan Akanta (Giri Bdr. Sunar)27-Jan-2014

    The spiritual leader Bhagwan Shree Rajaneesh left his physical body in Puna on January 19, 1990 and there was no mention of any will left behind by Osho in the press conference held by the Osho trustee following his death. Fake legacy prepared by Mr. Michael O’Byrne (Sw. Jayesh), Mr. D'Arcy O’Byrne (Sw. Yogendra), Dr. John Andrew (Sw. Amrito), Mr. Mukesh Kantilal Sarda (Sw. Mukesh Bharati), Mr. Klaus Steeg (Sw. Pramod) along with Mr. Philip Toelkes (Sw. Niren) They are criminal.

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