Producer Bharat Jain talks about his directorial debut '6-5=2'

Chulbuli Pandey

After having distributed over 90 films, having produced five films besides being the creative force behind Jhankar Music, Bharat Jain turns director with the Hindi film, '6-5=2', a found footage genre film that hits the screens on November 14.

Bharat Jain

The film narrates the adventures of a group of youngsters that ends in horror. The cast includes Prashantt Guptha, Ashrut Jain, Gaurav Paswalla, Gaurav Kothari, Disha Kapoor and Niharica Raizada with cinematography by Sathya Hegde.

A tete-a-tete with the maker...

What made you turn director?
Music has always been my passion and I own the label Jhankar Music. My production house Mars Films has been making movies. I have worked across platforms. I felt it was time to turn director.

'6-5=2' is not an easy genre to explore.
To me this is not just another movie, this is an experience that I am sharing… my experience. We started re-working and scripting to suit our audience. We auditioned over 300 youngsters in Mumbai and then zeroed in on the six main protagonists followed by a 10-day workshop. They all knew that there would be no vanity vans, only mosquitoes for company.

But found footage genre is not easy.
True. There are no songs and coming from a musical background, I know a good song makes a film a 50 per cent hit. But my genre is such that I cannot compromise. So I kept no songs in the film. About 70 per cent of the background sound is from actual footage.

What is the USP of the film?
When most movies are love and action-based, this is a film based on a true story. The title '6-5=2' adds a spark and there is the element of unpredictability.

What's next?
My next venture is a romantic film. I am a romantic person and have been loyal to my first love. It is no secret that my first love is cinema.

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