Producer no more!

Suneil Shetty vows never to go behind the scenes again unless it's for son Ahaan

Suniel Shetty has vowed that he will never produce a film again. The actor says he has had enough of being behind the scenes of the filmmaking process. His latest production Loot releases early November.

The comic caper will finally see the light of day after over two years of completing its shoot.

"I am done with being a producer. I'd rather stick to acting and concentrate on my other business pursuits now," he says.

"What can perhaps tempt me to get into production again, if at all, is to launch my son Ahaan. But that's in the future; for now I won't produce a film."

Shetty's earlier ventures like EMI and Mission Istanbul didn't do well at the box-office. It also landed himself in a spot with the co-producers of the two projects. But he now prefers to let all that remain in the past.

 "I was sure that Loot would release. There were a lot of things happening with the production partners that led to the delay. It took a long time, but my patience has paid off," he adds.

Directed by newbie Rajnish Raj Thakur, Loot is a comic caper starring Shetty along with Govinda, Mahakshay Chakraborthy and Shweta Bharadwaj.
"As it was shot start-to-finish in Thailand, it does not look as it was filmed a while back."

Shetty is also looking forward to his pairing with Govinda in the film. "He is known for his comic timing and me for action. I think we will make for a unique pair," he says.

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