3 professors suspended, college fined Rs 1 lakh

Apr 02, 2012, 07:37 IST | A correspondent

Officials reschedule exam to April 11 after paper was leaked, will file police complaint against those responsible

Following the leak of a TYBCom paper, a three-member committee was set up and their findings were released yesterday. Three professors have been suspended and the college has been fined Rs 1 lakh following the probe.

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On March 27, when students came to appear for their Business Economics examination at BNN College, they were instead given the Marketing and Human Resource Management (MHRM) question paper for an examination scheduled for the following day (March 28).

Around 510 students at BNN College were given out the papers accidentally.
Following the leak, a fact-finding committee decided to punish the college for its mistake and has barred them from conducting any other university examinations starting from the second half of 2012 to the first half of 2015.

The board of examination also decided yesterday that the TYBCom exam for MHRM would be rescheduled to April 11. The university has decided to register a police complaint under the Prevention of Malpractices against the people responsible for the leak.

Meanwhile, Chief Conductor of Exams at BNN College Professor DS Bhangre, senior supervisor Professor RN Deshpande and Professor Jadhav have been suspended immediately from their services by the Management of BNN College, Bhiwandi.

T Shiware, principal of KPB Hinduja and committee member, said, "We found that the students appearing for their examination at BNN College received the paper of scheduled for April 28 on April 27 by the officials responsible at the exam centre. That led to paper leak. The paper was mistakenly given to students a day before and that's how the students remembered the questions and spread the information to everyone."

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