Protective gear for a safer Dahi Handi

Keeping in mind the concerns towards the safety of govindas and the dangers associated with Dahi Handi, the guide has prepared a list of adventure sports equipment and accessories for safer, overall protection

Stunt helmet
This special helmet from Camp comes with proper cushioning and a greater head circumference
(up to 61 cm). It comes with a wide range of adjustment fittings. Used mostly by climbers, it’s great for the govindas, especially those on the top layers.
Price: Rs 4,175
Available at: www.adventureaxis.in

Stunt helmet

Though designed for roller sports, this guard pack from Oxello can provide extra safety from scratches and bruises. It comes in a set of three and consists of wrist guards, elbow guards and knee guards.
Rs 1,199 (set of three)
Available At: www.decathlon.in


A climb that high is always risky, and it would be ideal for Dahi Handi mandals to invest in buying these crash pads to reduce the risk of the fall. Available in sizes of 148 x 118 x 12.5 cm, these portable crashpads from Petzl are a must.
Price on request
Available at: Allied Safety Equipments, 109 Ajit Industrial Estate, Thane.
Call: 28454274
Log on to: www.alliedpetzl.com


A chalk bag for better grip
During a climb, you are always likely to sweat your hand, and in those times, a bag of magnesium chalk may come handy to increase your grip. Popularly used for bouldering, the chalk bag could could be a good addition for the top layer govindas.
Price: Rs 699
Available At: www.decathlon.in

A chalk bag

Knee support
Designed especially to provide support to knee joint during sport, the S300 knee support from Aptonia could be a useful addition for govindas, mostly in the bottom layers, as they have to support the maximum weight.

Knee support

The straps can be adjusted as per your choice.
Also check : Thigh support, Calf support, Waist support and elbow and wrist support.
Price: Rs 1,299
Log on to: www.decathlon.in

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