Protestors damage structures made for Republic Day parade

They also vandalised police vehicles as well as those belonging to other protestors.

The protests, mostly by students, saw lumpen elements mingling with the crowd and uprooting the metal and wooden frames put up for the Republic Day parade.

Fiery fury: The frenzied mob uprooted wooden barricades erected for crowd control at the Republic Day parade, and set them on fire. Pic/AFP

The unruly elements uprooted around 200 metres of the thick wooden planks and the metal frames and made huge bonfires of the wood at around five places.

The metal and wooden frames had been fixed alongside Raj Path near the Amar Jawan Jyoti, the flame commemorating the immortal solider. Preparations for the parade had begun early this month.

The protestors also damaged a government car and several police vehicles parked near the area. Two motorcycles belonging to protestors also bore the brunt of the vandalism.       

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