Pune: Businessman held with Rs 1.11 crore suspected black money

Cops with the seized notes

A 28-year-old businessman from Pune has been detained by the police with Rs 1.11 crore. The youth has been identified as Ankesh Anant Aggarwal, a resident of Khadki.

The action was taken following a tip off an informer gave constable Shailesh Jagtap, attached to Pune city police's anti-dacoity cell. Inspector Subhash Bhosale revealed, “Aggarwal is into the real estate business. Our constable got a tip off that Aggarwal was going to come to exchange Rs 1,11,46,000 near Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)-based Nakoda court area in a financial firm, Shashimal Porwal and his sons. Accordingly, our team laid a trap on Wednesday afternoon around 2 pm and, by 5 pm, we caught him red-handed along with such cash. Aggarwal walked in with cash in carry bags, which he took out from his car. All notes seized are of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. Porwals had promised to give him Rs 100 notes in exchange, but with a 30 per cent profit cut.”

He added, “We have registered a case against Porwal and Aggarwal as they were was unable to give satisfactory responses to our queries. We suspected the amount to be black money, and alerted the Income Tax department, who will be conducting further investigation.”



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