The needle inside Adiraj Baskar Mali’s stomach as seen in the X-ray report

Parents of a schoolboy from Pimpri have alleged medical negligence by doctors at the Dr D Y Patil Dental hospital after their son swallowed a needle while undergoing a dental procedure.

Adiraj Baskar Mali, 7, had been complaining of toothache for the past few days. Baskar, the Std II student’s father, said, "The doctor said Adiraj needed to undergo a root canal for his toothache. Yesterday, I took him to the Dr D Y Patil Dental hospital. During the procedure, I saw the female doctor use an air rotary machine inside his mouth. She should have allowed him to spit out the saliva in his mouth from time to time, but she didn’t give him a break. Suddenly, the needle attached to the machine broke and Adiraj gulped to get rid of the saliva and swallowed the needle by mistake. It was a one-inch needle."

Baskar alleged that the doctor immediately fled from the chamber. Consequently, Adiraj underwent a stomach X-ray. Speaking to mid-day, Dr Deepak Kulkarni from D Y Patil Dental hospital said, "The child has been kept under observation. The body usually throws out any unfamiliar element from itself via the stool, so, we are hoping that’s what will happen in Adiraj’s case too. We will conduct a thorough probe in this case."