Pune: Juvenile accused of rape hacked to death by victim's father

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Representational picture

Pune: A 17-year-old boy, who was one of the accused in a rape case of a minor girl, was allegedly hacked to death by the victim's father in Nira Narsinhpur village in Indapur tehsil, 100 km from Pune, police said.

The incident took place yesterday, they said. According to police, the deceased and his cousin were accused of allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl in the village in the month of April this year. Since the deceased was a minor, he was released on the bail by the juvenile court.

"The victim's father, who was angry after the accused was released, had threatened him and his family that he would not spare him," said a police officer, attached to Indapur police station.

He said that after the incident, the accused's parents had kept him in the hostel in Indapur as the victim's father had threatened that he did not want to see him in the village till his daughter gets married.

As per the complaint by the deceased's mother, he had come home on Thursday and moment, the girl and her father came to know about his arrival, they went to their home. "In the complaint, the deceased's mother stated that both the daughter and her father barged into their house with sharp weapons and when the accused's father tried to stop them, the victim's father attacked him with the sharp weapon and the girl allegedly attacked her," said the police officer.

He added that moment the accused who was in the bathroom sensed the commotion and escaped from the rear door, however, he was chased by girl's father and was hacked to death with a sharp weapon near a chowk in the village. "In the complaint, the mother of the deceased alleged that after attacking her son with a sharp weapon, the girl threatened her that they would not spare them and father-daughter duo left the place," said the officer.

The boy died on the spot, said the officer. "We have arrested the father under relevant sections of IPC, however, we are yet to arrest his daughter, who is 16-year-old and probing her involvement in the entire case," said the officer.

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  • Sushil gupta14-Aug-2017

    Dear Law MakersWhat u expect from girls father when current law could not do justice,rape is big crime and if u say age of guilty is pardonable than we should accept what girls father did or the girldid girl is also 16 yrs she should be allowed to kill under same law..hang hang hang these Rapist lets make safe society

  • Rahul Deshpande13-Aug-2017

    That is the best revenge . I am sorry, but no one is scared of law and order. rapist get away with crime, get out on bail and start black mailing or harassing the family.

  • Anup13-Aug-2017

    Just being blunt here, sorry about that but i'm with the father of the girl. NO ONE has the right to rape either gender and specially if its a minor then blood boils... Sorry but this is my honest opinion.

  • santosh kalbhor13-Aug-2017

    Support the father, what will a victim and family do when accused make hay while sun shines?

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