Mrinmayee Godbole, actress and daughter of Shrirang Godbole
About her father: My father is the ultimate person and a super hero for me. I can share everything with him. He criticises me in a very positive way. He is my role model.
What she plans to cook: If given a chance, I will make tea for him. When I stayed in Mumbai with him, I did not know cooking. He would ask me to make tea and everyday, I would make some mistake. Now I can make good tea, so I want to make it for him. Also, I will make Egg Curry for him as he likes it a lot, along with a healthy cake as he loves sweets, but cannot eat too much of them.

Shrirang Godbole

Misha Nathani, daughter of Arun Nathani, CEO and MD, Cybage
About her father: My father is like a friend to me. We share everything with each other.
What she plans to cook: I will make Dal Rice for him as every Sunday we sit together watch a movie and eat Dal Rice. He is a very simple person and he likes to eat simple food. Though I’m not a good cook, I’ll make this for him as I’m sure he will like it a lot.

Misha Nathani

Ketaki Mategaonkar, singer and actor daughter of Parag Mategaonkar
About her father: My father and I are good friends. He has always been with me for all my shoots as well as events. He is very particular about the practice sessions, otherwise he is very friendly and guides me a lot.
What she plans to cook: I will make cutlets for him as he loves them a lot. He also likes groundnut ladoos, which he makes for me when I’m hungry in the night.

Ketaki Mategaonkar

Parag Mategaonkar