Alandi is a popular pilgrim spot that was a samadhi of respected saint of Maharashtra, Sant Dnyaneshwar. He was respected for his Marathi translation of the Hindu epic, The Bhagwadgita.


Legend has it that Alandi was where the saint inspired the villagers to worship Lord Panduranga. It is often cited that “Devachi Alandi depicts the place of the gods, and is popular for the two palkhis that it holds every year.

The palkhi of Sant Dnyaneshwar begins from Alandi. It is built in 1570; the temple in Alandi has seen thousands of worshippers walking in on a regular basis.

It also serves as a place to disperse the ashes of the deceased in the holy river Indrayani.” There are other temples in the area that are dedicated to Muktai, Krishna, Ram, and Vitthal-Rukmini in the vicinity.

Alandi is also referred by names such as Waruna, Alka, Karnika, Anand and Sidhakshetra in the Skanda Purana. Marathi saints have named Alandi as Alankapuri. The municipal corporation was established here in 1867.