Pune Crime: Fake marriage counsellors nabbed trying to loot couple

The Warje police have arrested two con men who posed as marriage counsellors and held a fake counselling session for a couple in an attempt to loot them of cash and jewellery worth Rs 22,000.

The incident took place on Monday at 10:30 am, according to the investigating officer, M J Naik, who said, “The duo approached the victims and told them they are counsellors who help couples to resolve misunderstandings and lead a happy married life.”

The victim, Upendra Ranade (30), logged FIR, against the duo — Praveen Gode (26) and Gyaneshwar Gangawane (22) — who tried to cheat him of Rs 21,000 and a ring worth Rs 1,000.

“During the session, the duo listened to the problems between the couple. After a while, they asked the wife to go inside the bedroom. Thereafter they took the ring and cash from the husband and told him they were going out and would return in some time,” said Naik, adding further, “Ranade (the husband) felt something was fishy about it, and he asked them to stop.

When they did not listen to him, he started shouting and the local residents caught hold of the duo. In the meanwhile, Ranade called the police helpline number and narrated the incident to them. The police arrested the duo on the spot.”

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