Richa Peter Topno
Richa Peter Topno

Even though reality shows provide a very promising platform for talented people from across the subcontinent, 21-year-old Richa Peter Topno from Pune has proved it that one doesn't need an Indian Idol to make it big as a singer. All that she required to win an online singing competition and get a $10,000 prize was a desire to reach out to lakhs of people through her talent.

Speaking to mid-day, Richa, who has graduated with Psychology from Fergusson College, said, "I have been using an app called 'Starmaker', which is an online community for karaoke singers and listeners. This platform allows people to follow and vote for you through various competitions."

"I took part in the '10K Challenge' which started on July 23. The contest allows you to sing the cover of a song of your choice. Around 25,000 people from across the world had taken part in it. I sang 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran, since it's my favourite."

She further said that the person who gets the maximum number of votes for his/her karaoke cover was declared the winner. "Contestants actually have fans on the platform, and people will vote for you if they like your voice," she said.

Excited and tensed
Richa was extremely nervous on the day of the results, which were declared on August 2.

"I could not sleep the previous night as the results were to be declared around 9.30 am. I was up all night talking to fans on the platform and keeping a track of who was leading. As the votes poured in, the top three positions kept interchanging, but minutes before 9.30 am the voting stopped. I came first with 3,69,904 votes. At first, I couldn't believe it, but later I rushed to my parents to tell them the results," she said.

When asked what she plans to do next, Richa said, "I plan to use the prize to take my music career ahead. I'm contemplating moving to Mumbai, so the money will help me when I finally take the decision."

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