Pune institute trains guns on bogus caste certificates

In a bid to take stringent action against those who submit bogus caste certificates for personal gain, the city-based Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute (BARTI) has organised a special four-day training programme for caste scrutiny officers across the state.

The aim behind conducting the training, which began in Mumbai on Saturday, is to introduce a system under which records of bogus certificates will be maintained so that strict action can be would be taken against those who submit bogus certificates to get caste-based benefits. No such system exists currently.

"The Maharashtra Judicial Academy has taken the responsibility to train these officers. As many as 132 caste scrutiny officers and police officers attached to caste scrutiny committees are attending the training.

The training is focused on how to follow the principles of natural justice and deal with bogus claims firmly," said Director of BARTI, D R Parihar.

He added that, in light of the increasing number of bogus caste certificates being submitted, steps are being taken to sensitise the officers who are handling these cases.

"It was clearly mentioned in the Caste Certificate Issuance And Verification Act, 2001, that anyone who submits a bogus certificate will be liable to be imprisoned for a term of 6 months-2 years and/or to pay a penalty of up to Rs 20,000," Parihar said.

"Taking a serious note of this provision, I had already given the order to all caste scrutiny committees across the state to take strict action against those who violate the Caste Verification Act," he said.

Number of officers attending the training in Mumbai

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