The reduction in the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches being played in Maharashtra is not only disappointing cricket lovers, but will also affect the state’s revenue collection. With only seven matches being played in Mumbai and none in Pune, the state will lose out on crores in revenue compared to previous years.

Gone with the money : Officials said the city did not get to host even a single match as the Pune Warriors are no longer part of the IPL file pic

In the last IPL season, Pune and Mumbai had both hosted eight matches each and Rs 3.89 crore was generated from Pune district alone.

Deserted: After the Pune Warriors’ exit last year, no IPL matches have been  held at the stadium near Gahunje this season. File Pic

“Since Pune’s IPL team is not participating in this year’s tournament, no matches are being played in the city. In the last two IPL seasons combined, Pune district alone generated R8 crore in revenue for the state.

The state will lose out on a large amount of money this year,” said Pune district Entertainment Duty Officer Mohini Chavan.

Rural aid
Sources in the department said that some of the revenue generated from IPL matches is used for the development of the rural part of the district that generates it. In Maharashtra, IPL matches have, so far, been played only in Pune and Mumbai districts. “With no IPL revenue coming in from Pune district, developmental projects in the district’s rural areas will also take a hit,” said an official.

“We levy 20% entertainment duty on every IPL ticket to generate revenue for the state. Moreover, we do not even give complimentary tickets — even to VIPs — for IPL matches. Still, revenue will take a hit this season compared to previous years,” said Entertainment Duty Officer (Mumbai city), Devidas Chaudhari.

Deputy Commissioner (Entertainment Duty branch) Mumbai Suburb, Dilip Shinde, however seemed to be clueless about revenue generated through levying entertainment duty on cricket match tickets. He said, “IPL is exempt from entertainment taxes.”

Rs 3.89crore
Amount generated from the IPL matches in Pune last year

8 The number of IPL matches played in Pune last year