Following the Bombay High Court's order asking to shift IPL matches outside Maharashtra owing to the scarcity of water, a Pune resident has demanded the closure of the Poona Golf Club, which is spread in more than 80 acres of land and utilises more than a 1 lakh litres of water daily to maintain it's greenery.

The Poona Golf Course, one of the oldest in India, which was established in 1920 is strategically positioned in a prime part of Pune. It is spread over 88 acres of lush green vegetation. The course is extremely well maintained with immaculate fairways and greens, which are reputed to be the fastest in the country with interesting undulations and slopes. Recently, the Pune Municipal Corporation had fined them for misuse of land allotted by the government.

Milind Gaikwad, a social worker and a resident of Yerawada said, “After the recent verdict on IPL by the Bombay High court a similar case can be made regarding the Poona Golf club where over one lakh liters of water is sprinkled on the grass and the water taps are open for more than 12 hours. Such water is not only pulled from their internal borewell but also from Pune's Mutha and Mula rivers. People are dying for water and on other hand of these lavish games waste it in tonnes. Only for 150 golf players a large amount of water is wasted and on other hand children living in Yerawada don't have playgrounds and play on the street as they cannot afford membership at the club. I have moved an application to the Pune Municipal Corporation and the Pune irrigation department in this regard and officials have given me assurance that they will look into it.”

When contacted Poona Golf Club Chairman Swastic Sirsikar denied the allegations saying, "For some of the portion we are using sewage treatment water, which we filter and reuse. It is being provided by the PMC and we have four bore wells from which we water the course. We are facing shortage issues too and water our trees using personal tankers. A part of our golf area is closed due to renovations.”

Pune Municipal Corporation chief Kunal Kumar said, “We will probe the matter and visit the premises personally and will have to act after our team observe lapses.”