A 14 year old girl was allegedly punished by her teacher for making a mistake in the school magazine.

Monika Prashant Tembare, student of eighth standard studying in Vidya Vardhini School, Shivajinagar was stopped from giving her science exam for an hour by the school in Pune as punishment for a minute error in editing the school magazine.

Monika recalls, "Our annual exams started from April 1. On the day of my drawing exam which was a Friday, our school magazine incharge Noorja Shaikh asked me to submit my drawing paper on Monday and instead help her with the school's magazine. I started my work accordingly. I received a paper in which one student of class 11 had written a poem in Hindi on 'Hamari Chotisi Class'. The only mistake I did was write the class of the student as eight instead of eleven. I corrected it and submitted to Shaikh madam."

"Next day when I came to school to give my Science exam, Shaikh Madam along with my class teacher called me and started scolding me for putting my friends name in one of the article and also changing the standard of the boy. They also yelled at me for misusing my powers. While I admitted that I had misprinted my friend's name but the I wasn't wrong in mentioning the class of the boy as the paper I had got already had the error. I also told madam to let me go as I had exam but she refused saying that I had cheated the school and which is a grave crime. I started crying which is when they called my parents. Later, they sent me to write the paper but by that time one hour had already passed. The school teacher, however asked me if I needed extra time but I told her that I had written the entire paper," she added.

Monika's father Prashant who runs computer classes in Pune said, "I was shocked that my daughter was punished for a small reason. As she was crying, I met the school's Principal before the English paper and explained that even though she was wrong, this was no way to punish a child. I even told them that I shall give in writing that my daughter will not repeat the same mistake. Now I have approached the school board authorities. I want justice for my daughter.

Renu Sumbaly Principal of the school said, "Monika is one of our brilliant students and the mistake she had made was a minor error. When the teacher scolded her, Monika started laughing. We then called her father who is a member of our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). He told us on telephone not to send his daughter for exams but today he has change his statement."