Following a series of road accidents due to impulsive driving and carelessness among bus drivers, most schools in the city are mulling over introducing a Road Safety Committee (RSC). With the increase in the number of accidents, the Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) earlier this year had also sent a proposal to the state government to introduce norms in the school syllabus so that students begin executing safety regulations from an early age. 

Sources say road safety is one of the seven optional subjects in Std IX and X, but a majority of schools do not teach the subject as there are no textbooks. After receiving circulars from the education department about implementing RSC, some schools say they will be considering forming the committee. Majority of schools have, however, introduced Road Safety Patrol (RSP), where students receive physical training and education on traffic management.     

R J Rajput, principal of MH School, said, "We have received instructions from the education department to form an RSC. But it is more important to incorporate the subject in the syllabus, as road safety patrolling is not taken seriously. By including it in chapters, we will also create awareness among parents against speeding and drink- driving."

"We already have the RSP subject in the curriculum and our students are aware of the safety rules. But there's no need to form a committee as we do not have a transport facility," said Deepti Satpute, principal of Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Primary School.

RTO Chief Arun Yeola said that road committees are currently only at the state level, but if schools are willing to implement it, the RTO will welcome the move. "The RSC will promote safety arrangements, conduct programs and train volunteers, drivers and pedestrians about road safety," he said.