Pune: Teachers' fair to encourage innovative teaching practices

Jan 25, 2016, 17:50 IST | Pallavi Smart

Maharashtra state government's education department to conduct five-day long fair of teachers indulging in innovative teaching practices in Pune from January 27. The state education Minister Vinod Tawde made the announcement in Mumbai on Monday. The programme which will be titled 'Shikshakwari' is aimed at changing the way classroom teaching is done.

The state government has identified 50 teachers across Maharashtra who are bringing new and innovative teaching methods to classrooms which are making education interesting and effective. While as per government orders, there already exists Whatsapp groups and other Internet platforms where innovative teaching practices are bing used. The fair, however, is expected to be more effective in order to influence more teachers across state. The fair will be open for teachers, students, parents and activists from education sector to understand new teaching technics.

"We want school teachers to change the way teaching is done in classroom. In today's world newer and more interesting teaching methods should be used in schools to make teaching and learning more enjoyable as well as effective. If there are few teachers who are already bringing this change in some parts of the state, we want others to learn from them and bring about change in their schools," said Tawde while announcing the programme.

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