Pyongyang writes to Obama as Lincoln, criticises US' nuke policy hypocrisy

Apr 13, 2016, 08:22 IST | Agencies

Seoul: North Korea on Tuesday made a new attempt to criticise the US by publishing a fictitious letter signed by the 16th American president Abraham Lincoln, addressed to the current President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

In the letter titled "Advice from Lincoln to Obama", published by the propaganda website DPRK Today, Lincoln appears to criticise President Obama’s attempt to put an end to North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme without committing himself to dispense with his own country’s significantly larger arsenal.

The fake Lincoln denounced Obama for wanting to abolish nuclear weapons in the world, when the US has upgraded its arsenal and carried out atomic tests in Nevada in 2015.

This imaginary Lincoln also exercises self-criticism in the letter warning that "the tactic by past American presidents, including me, who deceived the people ... is outdated."

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