3 questions with Raxit Tewari

The vocalist of the Alternative-Rock band Sky Rabbit will be performing a line-up of songs from their latest self-titled album, at BlueFrog, tonight

From Medusa to Sky Rabbit. How did you fix on the new name? And what does it stand for?
They say that when you look at the clouds in the sky, the most common shape you see is that of a rabbit. We all liked that name and a change of name is something we wanted for the longest time. We wanted something that corresponds with our music.

Along with the name, has the sound of the band changed as well?
Previously we used to do a lot of industrial, hard music. Three out of five bands at that time were making that kind of music. Later on, we started fiddling a lot more with electronics and incorporated it in our music.

What are the songs in Sky Rabbit about? Will you be playing any tracks, which are not part of the CD?
There are a bunch of things. It is difficult to pinpoint a particular theme. Our music doesn't have any influences from other bands. At the gig we will also be playing tracks that are not on the disc such as 'Where', 'tonight' and 'Over the Rise'.

Sky Rabbit comprises vocalist Raxit Tewari, guitarist Rahul Nadkarni, bassist Siddharth Shah and drummer Harsh Karangle.

ON Today, 10 pm.
AT Blue Frog, Mathuradas Mills Compound, Lower Parel.
CALL 61586158



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