A radio channel has sparked outrage among listeners by broadcasting a Woman's Hour Christmas special on female masturbation.

The Radio 4's 10.30am show forms the soundtrack to many a household''s morning ritual  - and more so on the day after Boxing Day, given the number of families spending the festive period together, the Daily Mail reported.

As part of a look back at Woman's Hour clips that had generated the most interest on Twitter, presenter Jane Garvey introduced an interview from Jenni Murray with artist Tracey Emin that took place in May.

With a warning to 'fainthearted' readers, Garvey asserted that how the upcoming interview 'shocked the unshockable Jenni Murray' when she was 'asked the unaskable' by Tracey Emin: Whether or not the indomitable interviewer masturbated.

"Don't even ask! How dare you!" Murray retorted with mock outrage.But having skilfully deviating the question, Murray however went on with a lengthy discussion on female masturbation, in which the two pondered the taboo nature of the topic.

Many breathed a sigh of relief when Emin stopped discussing about the subject - but were further appalled when a separate clip was introduced, this time from an interview with Jane Garvey talking to sex expert Suzi Godson and columnist Joan Smith.

"[Female masturbation] It''s another thing women aren't allowed to talk about or discuss, and Twitter went ballistic when we ran the feature," Garvey said. The three discussed in detail about female masturbation and sex - leaving many listeners feeling downright awkward. Many said they were shocked at the uncomfortable subject matter but too embarrassed to turn the radio off.