Rahman all the way

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A R Rahman did a show in Mumbai after a long time and the crowd (mostly teenagers) was maha khush. They kept chanting his name and wanted him to do a Jai Ho or a Dil Se!

Slideshow: Rockstar the concert

But Rahman being his gracious self, refrained from diverting attention from the Rockstar theme at the Bhavan's College grounds. In fact during a rukaavat, he belted out Satyamev Jayate but not any filmi number. Rahman ki baat hi alag hai!

Keeping him company was an enthusiastic Ranbir Kapoor, who went down on one knee, pointed towards the Oscar winner and screamed, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Mr A R Rahman!" Apart from AR, singer Javed Ali impressed the most.

In fact he was too good... kaash film mein bhi he had sung more! RK's co-star Nargis Fakhri looked as nervous as a schoolgirl. Thank goodness, usko sirf dance karna tha.

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