Rahul da Cunha: Bullies without a brain

Mar 26, 2017, 06:36 IST | Rahul da Cunha

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

(Please note, dear reader — there is no rhythm to these words, no Enimen rap style. They're not lyrics, or slam poetry, or blank verse, just read as you will)

We troll, control, we'll strip your soul

Just try and scroll

We'll follow, swallow, surround you

Express yourself, tweet a thought, post a

And we'll roast you

That's our job. The mob that rules

We won't come to your home

Just your home page

Won't ring your doorbell

Just make your life hell

You step out of line, on-line

Bachoo, we'll bring you back in line

Casteism, racism, fascism, classism

That's our bag

We aim to polarise, victimise,

Terrorise, vilify, burn you at the stake

We threaten to rape, we feast on hate

A new breed of mean

Say a word, any word bolo bolo, mooh kholo (we don't work solo)

We'll muzzle you, mock you

Demean you, destroy you

And we attack

Hunting in packs

Piranhas on a payroll

Locusts with locus standi

Patriotic parasites

Surgical strikes

Social media warriors,

We'll make you sorry

We have no agenda, no thoughts of our own

We wait in the shadows,

Await our order, to create disorder

Vultures who destroy culture

We are shameless, nameless, faceless

Hit below the belt, stab in the back, Knee in the groin

We play dirty, we mud sling

Spreading hate, brooking no debate

Come on, fall for our bait,

Earlier we had a voice, no outlet

Now, we're viral, we're virtual, we're venal

Hidden in the shadows

Wolves in the dark

No bark, but a massive bite

Mute us, block us, ignore us, unfriend us

We'll follow you, find you, haunt you

We cut free thought

We are true nationalists

We'll stalk, dismiss any rational talk

We watch like hawks

We swoop, look for the scoop

We're scavengers, we ravage, we're savage

No discussion, no debate

You speak your mind

You'll meet your fate

We sprout, and breed

Dare you shift from the norm

Call us cowards, point is you


Traditionalists, conservatives, orthodox, status quo

We rule the nation

You won't see us coming, we surround

Crowd your inbox, your twitter handle,

We know where you live

Say it, say it, say, we dare you

We're bullies without a brain,

This is our reign...

Not just five minutes of fame

We are everywhere, ninjas of the nation

We breed like rabbits

Supari killers, hired assassins,

Merciless mercenaries

But we root out evil, we're the good guys.

We fan the flames, defame,

Abuses, gaalis

Our form of taalis

Threaten, troll, we're on a roll

Control, alt, delete

We're programmed by remotes

Was India always like this?

Why do we slang, are we angry?

Fiscal, physical, rhetorical,


Everyone is equal

The truth… we're not the new kids in town

We've always been around

We're just here to destroy

Slam blam bang

We throw stones

We have our orders...

By remote, by rote… 'rata laga ke'

We're a pack of piranhas

We're not just shaana,

Any 'bahana' and we'll be there

This is our 'kaam', this is our 'dhandha'

Get the funda?

Rahul da Cunha is an adman, theatre director/playwright, photographer and traveller. Reach him at rahuldacunha62@gmail.com

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