Rahul Gandhi seen inside polling booth during voting hours in Amethi

May 08, 2014, 11:34 IST | Agencies

Amethi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was seen inside the voting compartment, the area where EVM machines are kept, during polling hours in at least three booths in his constituency Amethi.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) complained to the Election Commission (EC) against the Congress Vice President for allegedly violating the code of conduct.

In one of the several pictures tweeted by AAP, it showed Rahul Gandhi in a polling booth, seeming to look down at an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). AAP tweeted, "Is the candidate allowed to go to the polling machine?"

The Election Commission said that "Going to the EVM is not allowed."

Rahul Gandhi inside polling booth
The picture was tweeted by @TweetingJhadu

Deputy Election Commissioner Vinod Zutshi said that the panel was "yet to see this....it's a speculative situation. Rules are very clear. We will wait for reports."

The EC officials said that a candidate can enter the polling booth during polling hours and interact with the voters, but cannot canvass for votes during such an interaction.

A huge debate raged on social media on who is allowed in a polling booth and how. 

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