Rahul hints at cutting senior party leaders in UP to size

The Gandhi scion met 28 MLAs in Congress War Room at Rakabganj Road in the first half of the day, while he met party MPs from UP, including Salman Khurshid and Prakash Jaiswal in the evening.

Reviewing a flop show: Rahul Gandhi asked UP MLAs to stay connected with the grass root workers. File pic

“Do not expect a kid gloves treatment from now on. It will be firm steps,” was Gandhi’s message. Also, he asked the legislators to stay connected with the grass root workers.

However, several MLAs lamented disconnect with Central leaders and added that the campaigning, which was designed in Delhi, and lacked local profundity, flavour and the punch. The MLAs also claimed that loud mouth ministers script Congress debacle in UP.

Interestingly, no MLA blamed Gandhi for the debacle in UP polls, despite the fact that he was heading the campaign for the party, had campaigned throughout the state, and has conducted over 200 rallies.  

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