Rahul to shoot film 'To hell with heaven' in Kashmir in February

Model-actor Rahul Bhat of 'Ugly' fame today said he will be shooting his new film 'To hell with the Heaven' in Kashmir from next month.

"I am shooting a film from February 15 in Kashmir Valley and the story line of the film is about a Kashmiri Pandit child", Bhat told PTI.

It is a short film with maximum shooting based in the Valley, from where the Kashmiri Pandits migrated due to fear and terror following emergence of Militancy in 1989-1990.

"It is the film which is my own story of my childhood. I am also a migrant. I am not from those who have never been to Kashmir, never seen migration from Kashmir to Jammu and suddenly found new love for Kashmir", Bhat said.

"I have migrated from Kashmir Valley, remained in a camp in Jammu and struggled to reach to the place of an actor. That pain, which I have experienced, is the focus of my film. I will take maximum Kashmiri Pandit actors in the film. I will try to get people from Jammu," he added.

The first sequence of the film is a broad shot from Shankeracharya temple hill.

Bhat is exited about his three films -- "Fitoor", "Jai Gangaajal" and "Aur Devdas" -- which are set to release this year.

"My three films are being released this year. In 'Fitoor', I have a special appearance, The second is 'Jai Gangaajal' is being released on March 4 and 'Aur Devdas' is coming by April end", he said. Bhat plans to make films on Kashmir.

"I promise you that I will make one film on Kashmir on every two years. We always neglect the people of Jammu. I thank them for giving us place to live and accepted us here and also gave us support in our fight."

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