On Friday, November 8, this paper ran a report well supported with pictures of the Central Railway’s (CR) new, six-storey administrative building adjacent to platform number 8 of the UN World heritage Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). The building, which houses offices of top railway department officials, has become a dumping ground for garbage. The pictures show broken furniture, wooden crates and other rubbish lying in corners outside the offices and near an elevator.

This architectural landmark standing next to Mumbai’s iconic structure has been defiled with the presence of rubbish, all because of apathy.

It is difficult to understand why a simple task like cleaning up this debris from the offices of one of the city’s prime transport network hubs has not been
carried out. Shockingly, this has been lying there for not just days or months but years.

The report states that employees have been urging higher-ups to enable somebody to clear this mess but till now all efforts have been in vain.

It is strange why the railway authorities are unable to clean up this building which will ensure hygienic conditions for all those who have to work near the debris. This is no monumental task but one suspects that like everywhere else, people responsible here too have been passing the buck, like we see in different projects and nobody really wants to take the onus of cleaning this up.

It is the typical attitude of letting things be, till the problem gets too big or finally explodes into some kind of disaster.

With Mumbai already battling problems of garbage on its streets and malaria and dengue figures quite alarming, it is unfathomable that the Railway authorities do not realise how detrimental this can be for all those forced to pass through or work near the building and in the offices there.

Maybe one should not be too surprised after all. Some time ago, this paper had reported how gargoyles on CST building had been damaged, with authorities displaying an all-too-familiar apathy and ignorance when asked about repairs.

The CST building and the precinct itself, with its offices, needs to be treated with tender loving care, not the negligence and platitudes that pass for answers.