Mumbaikars who are always faced with the problem of 'chutta paisa' or coins at the suburban railway ticket counters will have less to worry about now thanks to the revised rail fares.

As per the revised fare from January 22 for local trains, the fares would be rounded off in the multiples of Rs 5.

This would mean that if the present fare is Rs 6 then the revised fare would be Rs 5. Similarly, if the fare is Rs 11 or Rs 16 then the revised fare would be Rs 10 and Rs 15 respectively.

However, if you read between the lines then commuters will have to pay more if their present fares are Rs 7, Rs 8 or Rs 9. All these sum would be rounded off to Rs 10. Similarly the fares would become Rs 15, if the fares are Rs 12, Rs 13 or Rs 14.

This hike across all trains would help the railways earn annually Rs 6600 crore.

There would be no hike in the first class ticket fares.