With instances of youngsters performing acrobatic stunts on local trains increasing, squads of the Railway Protection Force are on the prowl for them

Adrenaline junkies with a penchant for hanging from the footboards of local trains better watch their moves.
Special Railway Police Force (RPF) squads have been on the prowl on the Central Railway (CR) network, to nab daredevil youngsters who endanger their lives and cause a nuisance in the city's local trains.

If statistics are to be believed, RPF squads have nabbed 3,220 offenders in the month of September. These 'stuntmen' were hanging from trains, jeering, and showing off their acrobatic skills.

A viral video showing a teen hopping in and out of the train on to a steel parapet between Reay Road and Cotton Green stations prompted the authorities to take action against teenagers performing stunts on the trains

In contrast to this year's haul, only about 511 railway commuters were nabbed for similar offences in September last year. The RPF personnel are concentrating on the stretch between Sandhurst Road and Mankhurd railway stations, where, according to them, these stunts are most common.

In course of a drive a week back, Wadala RPF caught more than 15 teenagers for their gravity-defying stunts.
"We have intensified the drive to curb such reckless and dangerous activities," said PC Sinha, senior divisional security commissioner (Mumbai), CR.

Fresh plans
The authorities are also devising plans to involve parents of young railways passengers in the drive, by creating awareness about the issue.

They also plan to approach colleges to spread the word of caution, and talk to students about the possible fatal consequences. The drive became a priority for railway authorities after the video of a youngster pulling off a jaw-droppingly dangerous stunt on a running train went viral.
The grab showed the youngster intermittently hopping in and out of the train to run alongside on the parapet of the steel bridge between Reay Road and Cotton Green stations. The number of rooftop railway passengers caught has also increased from 1,084 last September to 3,449 this September.

Raise the alarm
If you see any one performing death-defying stunts on board local trains, contact the

GRP Control room

022-23759283/022-3759201 or the GRP Helpline 9833 331 111

The number of teens the Wadala RPF caught last week