Railway cops turn saviour for lost 19-yr-old

Oct 24, 2011, 07:26 IST | Faisal G Tandel

Teenager looted and left stranded at Borivli by man who escorted him to city; cops pool money to buy him a ticket home to Haridwar

The Borivli railway police played good Samaritans yesterday when they sent a 19-year-old back home to Haridwar after he was found roaming on the platform, hungry and penniless.

According to officials, a tired and hungry Shivam Ghae was brought to them after another commuter found him clueless on platform 8 of Borivli railway station. Arvind Sharma, who found him, said, "Around 2.30 pm on Saturday, I found Ghae at the bhel puri stall near Borivli station. Since I am a regular customer, the stall owner told me about him. That's when I bought him some food and took him to Borivli police station."

Recounting his horror, Ghae told MiD DAY that he was brought to the city of dreams on Saturday by an unknown man with the promise of earning more money. A resident of Moti Bazaar, Haridwar, Ghae said, "I live with my grandparents back home as my parents expired in an accident two years ago. I take pictures of tourists who visit Haridwar and earn a paltry Rs 250 daily. One day, a stranger came up to me and told me how I could earn much more in Mumbai and coaxed me into moving here."

However, his happiness was short-lived as the man who was travelling with him to Mumbai made away with his belongings while he was asleep in the train. "When I woke up, I had nothing as the man ran away with all that I had. I don't want to work in Mumbai. All I want to do is go back home."

Confirming the incident, DD Gavit, assistant sub-inspector, Borivli railway police, said, "We found Ghae at the station. He was fooled by this man, and didn't even know which station he was at when we found him. As we felt sorry for him, all of us contributed some money and bought him a ticket back home and put him on the 9 pm train."

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