Railway platform to old age home

A week ago, 78 year-old Tara Tulsidas Palicha, who used to live on the platform at Kalyan railway station found a new home, at an old age shelter in Khadavali.

MiD DAY had reported Palicha's state in its November 9 edition -- 'Abandoned by rich sons, old lady rescued from streets'. After the report, a host of readers called in to provide monetary help. She was rescued by a group of good Samaritans, who admitted her to Sridevi Hospital in Thane (West) to treat her ear infection. 

"She was initially a little reluctant to go to an old age home. But she has adjusted and is doing better physically as well as mentally," said Bhavesh Mehta, one of the boys who rescued her.

Palicha used to stay in Kalbadevi with her three children, one of whom died. After being abandoned by her eldest son, she sold her house and moved to a rented flat in Kalyan with her youngest son. Once her son died, she did daily chores as a housemaid but couldn't make ends meet and was eventually thrown out by the landlord.  Today, Palicha has received help from people in Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Florida, who have sent cash and cheques to the hospital. "We have collected Rs 3.94 lakhs, which will be used to pay the hospital bill and the fees for the old age home," said Bhavesh Desai, another group member.

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