Travel group, The Western Routes, has organised a trip to the scenic Fratelli Vineyards where you can get tips
courtesy Sujata Patil from The GrapeWine, a wine consultancy agency.

At the session you can learn what food to pair with which wine

Jayesh Paranjape, founder of Western Routes and one of the organisers of the event, says, “This is the best season to visit vineyards. In this trip, we will conduct a tour of the vineyards, inform participants about the wine making process and show them the different types of grapes that are grown in vineyards. New leaves are coming up this season and the visit promises to be fun. After the visit, there will be a wine tasting session which will be followed by lunch and then we head back.”

The trip will include a tour of the vineyards
The trip will include a tour of the vineyards

Paranjape adds that they started vineyard tours last year and the response has been very good. “This winery is not in the typical wine belt of the state. This trip can also be considered as a family trip as participants can come along with their kids,” he states.

The cellar where wines are stored
The cellar where wines are stored

The visit will shed light on the process of wine-making at the state-of-the-art winery and offer insights on pairing wines with delicious food.

Sujata Patil, wine expert and organiser of the event, states, “I will offer tips on good wines and bad wines. Participants can learn technical details about the wine making process, elements that are important in making good wines, etc. People can taste five types of wine as well.”

On: August 10, 7 am onwards
At: Fratelli Vineyards, Akluj.
Email: or