Did you know? Rajesh Khanna lost out to Subhash Ghai in acting contest!

Subhash Ghai
Subhash Ghai

Did you know that the late Rajesh Khanna lost out to Subhash Ghai in an acting contest? The filmmaker recently revealed his passion for acting and direction on a chat show. Ghai had applied for the All India Talent Competition in 1965, during his tenure at FTII, Pune, where one among his 2,000 competitors was none other than Khanna. Ghai impressed the judges with his acting prowess through a 15-minute monologue and won the contest. Yet, he didn’t bag any acting offers. “After the contest, Jatin (Khanna’s real name) called me up to say he is working with GP Sippy for Raaz. I must admit, no one can challenge this incredible thing called luck,” said Ghai.

Rajesh Khanna



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