Ramjas to probe casteism row

After MiD DAY reported the case of a professor being allegedly harassed by a senior colleague, authorities at the DU college have decided to form a committee to look into the matter

The Ramjas college administration has finally decided in favour of forming a committee to look into caste abuses and humiliation of an individual on discriminatory grounds. The authorities have woken up to the cause of an allegedly harassed professor of the college, after MiD DAY reported the matter.

In controversy: Scene at Ramjas College at Delhi University's
north campus

Hemant Kumar Rajor, assistant professor with the Chemistry department, was reportedly being harassed by his senior colleague, Rama Kant Goyal, who is associate professor in the same department.

After the news was carried by MiD DAY on August 4 this year, the SC/ST commission had ordered an inquiry into the matter and had summoned the college principal as well as the university vice-chancellor. "After the publication had run the case, there were several inquires made by the college administration.

The commission also took action against the authorities after Rajor wrote to them. The college principal had called a meeting of the teaching faculty to address them about the issue and warn them of consequences of any such happenings in future," said a college official on condition of anonymity.

MiD DAY's story on August 4

With so much happening around him, Rajor is still hopeful but not certain, that he will get justice
"I don't know whether it is just a matter of pretence on the part of the college administration, or not. They are not taking any concrete steps for any breakthrough in the actual case," Rajor rued.

The other side
When contacted by MiD DAY earlier, Professor Goyal had denied all allegations. "I did not say anything to anyone. If there has been a complaint, then it should have names of people who were present while the incidents have been reported to have taken place. I don't understand why they always harass people of the General Category. If they want to hang the people of General Category, I can't help it. Prof. Hemant is well aware of his activities, including unnecessary interference with the administration affairs," he said.

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