New Delhi: Ranbir Kapoor's dream of making a biopic on Kishore Kumar with Anurag Basu has been shattered, the actor has revealed.

Ranbir Kapoor

The 33-year-old actor decided to make a picture on the legendary actor while he was working on 'Barfi!,' but he recently revealed that the film is shelved. He wanted to make that film as it was one of the most interesting stories Aunrag and he had in their minds, but it didn't work out and he is not making it anymore.

The 'Tamasha' star further said that firstly, they didn't get the desired cast and then, there were issues with the script as his family members were not happy with it.

However, Ranbir will be soon gearing up for another biopic that is based on Sanjay Dutt's life that will be directed by Rajkumar Hirani.