Randeep Hooda had a tough time lip-syncing for 'Murder 3'

Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda

Unit sources state the actor was finding it a tad difficult to lip-sync a romantic track while shooting. It was then that choreographer Rajeev Surti, who was calling the shots for the dance steps, came to Randeep’s rescue.

Rajeev Surti
Rajeev Surti

Says a source, “It was one of those days when things were just not going right for Randeep. Realising his predicament, Rajeev took upon himself to help him. He suggested they rehearse for the Hasratein song for a day. With the actor agreeing to the idea, the duo went through rigorous rehearsals. After some hours of gruelling practice, Randeep was confident and had mastered his lip-sync for the song.”

When the shooting began the next day, unit folks were on tenterhooks, as they knew the problem Randeep had faced. “But as soon as the shoot started and the track played, Randeep was comfortable and gave the perfect shot,” adds the source.

The director and the entire crew applauded the efforts of the duo to get the lip sync right, as it aided in getting the emotions right as well. 

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