Rani gives Prithviraj some Hindi lessons

She may be a Bong, but Rani Mukerji prides herself for her Hindi speaking skills. So much so that before the shoot schedule of her new film, the actress decided to give lessons in Hindi to her 'Aiyya' co-star Prithviraj.

Rani Mukerji
Rani Mukerji

Rani wanted to make sure that Prithviraj perfects his Hindi before he starts dubbing for the project. Our source says, “Rani loved the script of the film and was keen to do it. However, when she learnt that the actor opposite her was Prithviraj, she insisted that she would be the one who would teach him Hindi before he dubs for the film. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Our source adds that Rani was so impressed with Prithviraj and his performance and commitment that she even suggested his name to Aditya Chopra who has now cast him in the Arjun Kapoor starrer Aurangzeb.


The source adds, “Rani is known for her professional approach towards her film and her commitment in every department of the film. This is just one more example, as she did not want the lead actor to have a South accent during his dialogue delivery in the film.”

The informer from the unit confirmed, “Rani’s only condition was that she would want to test his Hindi by giving him lessons on the same. So Rani gave him tutoring for his Hindi diction to make sure that the film doesn’t look awkward with forced dubbing.” 



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