Ranveer Singh has decided to move out of his family home and shift closer to the 'Bajirao Mastani' set.

As Mumbai’s unprecedented heavy rainfall impacts traffic, the actor feels he is losing too much time in commuting from the film’s sets to his home in Bandra. Therefore, Ranveer has decided to move into a new apartment in Goregaon to be closer to the film’s set.

Ranveer Singh moves into a new apartment in Goregaon
Ranveer Singh. Pic/Santa Banta

Currently, Ranveer shoots for 12 hours every day and spends another 4 hours in physiotherapy to strengthen his shoulder as the film requires him to perform heavy-duty action in elaborate costumes.

To prepare for this part in 'Bajirao Mastani', he shaved his head and chose to live in semi-isolation before the film went on floors, away from cell phones and company.

With traffic woes and a shoulder in recovery, he needs all the spare time that he can get to heal and focus on his part. Therefore, the actor, who has never moved out of his family abode, has brought and moved into this new apartment for practical reasons.