Ranveer Singh's new outing

The actor is apparently keen to team up with Bhushan Kumar

If sources are to be believed, actor Ranveer Singh will be doing a film with T-Series next year. Says a source, "Ranveer Singh has met Bhushan Kumar a few times already and they are good friends now. They want to work together and are trying to figure out a project."

Ranveer Singh and Bhushan Kumar
Bhushan Kumar and Ranveer Singh

The source adds that some of the directors Ranveer wants to work with have film deals with Bhushan Kumar's company. “The two are in talks now and have been discussing a few scripts. In fact, Ranveer recently attended a story narration for one of Umesh Shukla’s three films with T-Series. If all goes as per plan, Ranveer will be doing a T-Series film soon," says the source.

Bhushan Kumar and Ranveer Singh remained unavailable for comment.

  • Jhonny21-Feb-2014

    Ranveer congrats on Gunday. You are a great actor & an entertainer, you gave all the ordinary boys hope & dream that anything in life is achievable if you put your heart in it..keep up the good work..

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