Rape survivor slams Azam Khan for 'publicity' remark

After Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare Minister Azam Khan (in pic) made an insensitive remark on an alleged rape survivor telling her not to go seeking 'publicity', the latter lashed out at the minister saying his words did not match his position.

Watch video: Rape survivor lashes out at Azam Khan for controversial remark

Rape survivor slams Azam Khan for 'publicity' remark
Rape survivor slams Azam Khan for 'publicity' remark

"Azam Khan did not help us, instead he started making untoward statements. Now I can't go to him. Being a minister he should not have said such thing. He should have helped us instead," the woman said yesterday.

The survivor described how she was raped in a moving car after her husband was brutally stabbed by three men, whom she identified with names.

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"A man named Mohit raped me and there were five others with him. I had gone to the market and suddenly they pushed us into a car and started asking for money. They stabbed my husband and then assaulted and raped me," she said. "After raping, they threw me out of the car. When I gained consciousness, I called up the police. They came, but did not help us. After that we went to meet Azam Khan to complain about the police for not taking action against the accused,"

Khan had advised the survivor, who sought his help, to not go looking for 'fame and attention' for her 'disgrace' or else she won't be able to face the world with dignity.

"I will take her memorandum and go ahead but she sure has gained publicity now. Her complaint is clearly in connection to the disgrace she is facing but if she goes around spreading the incident that happened with her, how will she face the world?" he had said.

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