Rape victim had wanted to marry tormentor

The 14-year-old victim, who was tortured and starved for five months, has revealed that her abductor was an acquaintance who took advantage of her feelings for him; she had met him on two occasions before he kidnapped her

Five days after she was dumped by her tormentor in the same garden where she had been abducted in May, 14-year-old Nadia Shaikh has revealed that the man who subjected her to severe mental and sexual abuse was not a rank stranger, but an acquaintance who she had wished to marry.

Tortured: Nadia Shaikh revealed that she met her captor at the same
garden where she was dumped

In her statement to the police, Nadia revealed that her captor's name was Wasim, whom she had met at the same location on two previous occasions.

Police Sub-inspector Vijay More from the Malwani police station said, "Nadia disclosed that she and Wasim had met twice before, in the same garden from where she was kidnapped. She harboured feelings for Wasim, and wanted to marry him. Wasim, however, took advantage of the situation and took her away, only to subject her to severe physical and mental torture for the five months that followed."

More added, "Although she claimed that she wanted to marry Wasim, she had no clue about his place of residence, or any knowledge of kin or friends."

"Nadia could offer the information that the shanty in which she had been held captive was in Jogeshwari, but she could not pinpoint the exact location," he said.

Nadia also managed to recall Wasim's mobile number.

"We have been making repeated calls to the number given to us by Nadia. However, it appears that Wasim has switched off his phone," added More.

Senior Police Inspector Abdul Rauf Shaikh said, "We have been speaking with Nadia and her father Ayaz Shaikh. Based on their statements, we shall file an FIR under relevant sections of the IPC. Investigations are on in full swing, to trace and nab the accused."

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nadia's physical condition continues to be a cause for concern for. Nadia's liver has swelled severely owing to extreme starvation.  She has also been diagnosed with TB, owing to severely low immunity levels.

Nadia's mother Rashida said, "Nadia is still unable to take any food orally. The moment she eats something, she develops a stomach ache and throws up. She is also undergoing severe trauma, and is experiencing intermittent bouts of panic."

Medical Superintendent C S Gawade of Bhagwati hospital said, "Nadia is being treated for lung ailments. We are also running a number of medical tests on her, so we can diagnose any other undetected ailments and treat them effectively. Judging from her present condition, it will be a while before her condition returns to normalcy."

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