Rapist or just a victim?

A 22-year-old sends a break-up bouquet to his depressed 25-year-old girlfriend. The next he hears, she has hung herself and a letter is discovered, which implies that he could be the reason for her suicide.

We will perhaps never know what really happened between Jiah Khan and Sooraj Pancholi, or what went through her mind before she decided to take the final, fatal step, or for that matter what thoughts are filling up Sooraj Pancholi’s head right now. Are they thoughts of remorse, loss, or of helplessness, at being made a victim of circumstances?

Even while accusations are being flung back and forth between Jiah’s mother and Sooraj’s parents and in the process muddying the reputation of the once-madly-in-love young couple the truth still remains obscure. Is Sooraj the protective boyfriend, who worried about his girlfriend’s behaviour and requested her mother to seek professional help for her? Or is he the cad who abruptly decided to end a year-long relationship with a break-up bouquet?

Was that six-page-long letter penned in anguish by just an insecure girlfriend seeking attention or was it a final scream of protest, after being subjected to abuse in the name of love for too long? Jiah’s letter accuses Sooraj of cheating: was that a girl’s imagination working overtime or was it the case of a callous young fellow moving on too fast? The emotions are raw, so uglier issues are bound to be raked up and more accusations are sure to fly about. The wounds will take long to heal, the reputation probably a bit longer to mend, but for now the real truth seems buried forever with the beautiful Jiah’s lifeless body.

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