Raptors capture first win on NBA's first 3D court

The Toronto Raptors recorded their first ever home victory on National Basketball Association's (NBA) first 3D court in a 95-77 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Andrea Bargnani scored a season-high 31 points Wednesday to give the Raptors their second consecutive win in three days, which represents the first win in the newly-designed Air Canada Centre court implemented during the off-season.

The new court features the inclusion of the team's new logo at center court, and most importantly, two 3D baselines at both ends of the court, the NBA's first and only 3D application to date.

Following approval from the NBA, the Raptors partnered with Danish-based company, LogoPaint to create the first ever 3D application in a North American sporting venue.

The 3D application will not be visible to all Air Canada Centre spectators, as only select seats in the venue will be able to see the 3D Raptors logo without the use of any aids, such as 3D glasses found in the movie theatres.

This optical illusion challenges a viewer's depth perception and can also be viewed by observers watching the game from their television sets at home.

For spectators sitting court-side in the premium seats, the Raptors logo on the two baselines will appear slanted or italicized and will not create a 3D illusion.

This technology has been widely used in basketball courts and soccer pitches across Europe. Since obtaining a patent in 1997, LogoPaint has become the world's largest supplier of 3D signs in sporting venues across the world with a presence in over 50 countries.

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