Raza Murad: JK Govt should approach Bollywood to woo filmmakers

Dec 11, 2015, 07:44 IST | PTI

Veteran actor Raza Murad today said that the Jammu and Kashmir government should approach the Hindi film industry and woo producers and directors to visit the state for film shoots.

Raza Murad
Raza Murad

"Jammu and Kashmir has a scenic beauty and I feel that the film industry rather than going abroad in countries like Switzerland and Australia, should visit Kashmir¿which is the only Heaven on Earth for the shoots," Murad told reporters at 'Meet The Press' programme hosted by the Press Club of Jammu.

"It is the Jammu and Kashmir government, which has to take an initiative of inviting actors and the film industry to the state," the actor said.

He added that basic facilities, security to the visitors must be ensured to them so that the industry, which is staying away from visiting to this place, shift their focus towards Jammu and Kashmir as this region has no comparison across the globe.

The fear psychosis created out of the terrorism must come to an end and actors should freely visit to this beautiful state for shooting of films, Murad said.

On Shiv Sena opposing Sanjay Leela Bansali's "Bajirao Mastani", where Murad is playing the role of Nizam of Hyderabad, the actor said that the Shiv Sainiks should watch the movie before reacting.

Shiv Sena has threatened Bansali over some scenes in the movie which according to them have insulted the Marathas and demanded deletion of such scenes.

"Marathas are not insulted in any of the scenes in the film and I request the Shiv Sainiks to first watch the movie and in case they find anything objectionable or offending, they have every right to lodge a protest," he said.

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