Issue editor Hemal Ashar and art director Hitesh Chudasama have worked tirelessly along with the entire MiD DAY team to get this edition of more than 200 pages out; an issue in which we examine Mumbai with that inspirational Olympic motto – Faster Higher Stronger. With less than a month to go for the 2012 London Games, MiD DAY puts the spotlight on the fastest, the highest and the strongest aspects of Mumbai across topics that matter the most for this city: infrastructure, films, sports, food, lifestyle and technology.

Admittedly, this 33-year journey has been tough for both the newspaper as well as for the city. The future’s not going to be easy either. Yet, together, we’ve enjoyed every step along the way and, like a couple that never fall out of love, we’ve never stopped smiling. Today, MiD DAY reaffirms that undying relationship with this great city.

Sachin Kalbag,
Executive Editor