Real-life rail stories

From the story of a 70-year-old who visited a railway station as a toddler to catch a glimpse of Mahatma Gandhi few days before he was shot at, to a hilarious tale of a tourist with a fellow Indian passenger who tried hard to befriend him and in turn kept getting them both in trouble — Railonama is a Pandora’s box of eclectic rail travel experiences.

Railonama is a compilation of train-inspired stories. Pic/AFP

The book, which comprises of 45 train-inspired stories of people from all over the world, is finally ready for a release on August 9.

“Stories for Railonama have been carefully selected from a pool of over 200 submissions, from people living all over the world who have travelled in Indian trains.

Railonama, Anupama Sharma,
Railonama, Anupama Sharma, Good Times Books, Rs 250

In this book, tourists and citizens have opened up and written about their unforgettable journeys in India. While all stories are unique, some even date back to the pre-Independence era. This commemorative book of memorable journeys has captured events that would otherwise have been forgotten,” believes Delhi-based Anupama Sharma, the brain behind this crowd-sourced book.

Each story is about four to six pages long. “About half of the stories are from people living in India, while an almost equal number of stories are from Indians living overseas,” informs Sharma.

The book will be available in bookstores from August 9 onwards.

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